A Child With Downsyndrome Makes You Feel Special

All of us are very special, but sometimes we forget that in this busy life filled with so many responsibilities and chores. I will share a wonderful story with you. A few weeks ago, I took my little girl Christina, who has Downsyndrome to the doctor’s lab for bloodwork for her thyroid. The wait time is usually 1 hour. When we arrived, I filled out the necessary paperwork and sat down. Any mother who has a child with Downsyndrome knows how hard it is to wait this long in a small room with nothing to do. There were about ten to fifteen people in the room, all bored, staring into space or at each other or were sleeping. As soon as my Christina entered the room, the entertainment began. She walked up to every person and asked them for their name, and if the person was asleep, she tapped their arm, clapped her little hands and told them to wake up and tell their name…people started smiling, talking and loosening up. It seemed that for a moment in time they forgot why they were there in that awful,  boring laboratory, where they were treated just like a number. Suddenly they were real people with a name and very special. A nice  elderly lady immediately liked this little name-quiz, and her and Christina pointed around the room, calling each person by their name. By the time the hour was over, everyone in the room knew everyone’s first name, and each person left with a smile on their face. So cool!!!What a little girl with Down Syndrome can awaken inside you.  She can make you feel the special person that you really are, and she makes you stop and reminds you of that fact.

Those little kids with special needs are sprinkled throughout our midst to stop our crazy busy life and thoughts for a moment, reflect, and teach us some very valuable lessons.

Today’s lesson: You Are Special!!!  Look in the mirror, smile at yourself, and tell yourself that you are special, because God did a wonderful work when he made YOU!

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If you are the mother of a child with Downsyndrome, I know all too well, that you were hurting and shocked when your little special baby was born. Maybe even to this day you might feel sad and can’t cope or go on. But I have good news for you. You can find joy again, it just takes time and some effort. I can help you find your way back to joy. Sign up for my one on one highly effective coaching program, and I will work with you and help you live your life on purpose.

You can definitely prepare yourself with the educational issues and challenges for children with Down Syndrome, by downloading my free eBook “5 Tips For Parents Who Have a Child With Downsyndrome“.

Have a blessed week and may God fill your hearts with joy.

With all my Love and Heart,

Daniela Clapp
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