Daniela Clapp speaks at Arizona State Music Teachers Association, The ASMTA Conference 2012

The Arizona State Music Teachers Association (ASMTA) is holding their annual state convention, The ASMTA Conference 2012 at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak in Phoenix from May 31, 2012, through June 2, 2012. http://www.asmta.org/conferences.php
This year the ASMTA is starring some big presenters, among them is the renowned Piano Teacher Daniela Clapp, who will introduce a whole new era in piano teaching, on Saturday June 2nd. from 2:45-3:45pm.
Daniela teaches children with Down syndrome how to play piano and how to use the piano as a new form of therapy. This has shown to be an effective way to help kids with Down Syndrome and advocate for them. Daniela Clapp is presenting her teaching methods to all music teachers at the Arizona State Music Teachers Association Conference 2012.
For more information and to see the conference schedule go to: http://www.asmta.org/conferences.php  or contact Daniela directly at info@danielaclapp.com or on her website http://danielaclapp.com

I Love Someone With Downsyndrome

I am excited to announce my new blog that I will be dedicating to my little Christina, who was born with Downsyndrome and to everyone who knows and loves someone with Downsyndrome. I will be sharing tips, hot information, news, personal stories and much, much more.

My vision is for many to read my blog and visit my website. I like to help and coach those women who are still hurting over the fact that they were given a special needs child.

I will be holding Teleseminars and events, and can’t wait to meet each of you!!!

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